Touché is a trailblazing fashion brand that originated from Istanbul with a vision to revolutionize the way young women dress. Our founding designers saw an opportunity in the declining popularity of mainstream brands and the monotony of traditional fashion design, and set out to create a new standard for women who seek a unique and elegantly modest style.

Drawing inspiration from the growing trend of modest

fashion, Touché blends modern and modest elements to produce a distinctive style. Our brand has received widespread praise and today, we create over 400 original designs each month, sold through our 6 proprietary channels, 11 marketplace channels, and physical stores located in Türkiye. Our goal is to

share our innovative designs and free-spirited approach to fashion with women everywhere, proving that modesty and modernity can coexist in a single style.

All of our products are crafted in Turkey using only the highest quality Turkish fabrics and are stored in Istanbul for quick fulfillment. Our Pick & Pack processes can be completed within one business day of an order being confirmed.

Touché defines itself as a Modest Fashion brand, offering modern, minimalist designs that comply with conservative clothing principles, such as non transparent materials, higher necklines, and longer dresses. We are one of the early entrants in the Modest Fashion market and have quickly established ourselves as a leading brand in the field. Our aim is to continue this success and establish Touché as the premier Modest Fashion brand in the world.